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I'm just a gal named Jackie. 22 years old. Part time college student, full time slacker. I was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a type of cancer, but I'm just trying to live my life and stay positive. If you don't like seeing pictures of sea critters and just general nonsense, get out while you still can.

if you want to know anything else just ask!

today has been a super fucking rough day. hopefully tomorrow will be better. i can’t imagine how it could get much worse.

god i just realized how pathetic that last text post sounded i am so sorry


Kevin Russ has been traveling throughout the great American west shooting landscape and wildlife solely with his iPhone 4s and 5. Over the years, he has become an incredible and focused photographer, ranging from doing portraiture now to landscape photography.”

sorry i keep posting emo shit i just don’t want to post personal shit on facebook and i just need to fucking release some emotions somehow you guys can ignore them i just need to get it out sorry again

god i hope things change for the better soon

i don’t even know what to fucking do anymore


Violent Relationships with Dr. Leelia Franck
: I am not Mike Brown.  (via fitle-tight)

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